About Us

About Banana Jack

Banana Jack is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the Island of Oahu in Honolulu Hawaii. We are a family owned company specializing in the design and production of authentic, tropical, Hawaiian style prints for apparel and footwear sales to retail and wholesale accounts world wide.

The Banana Jack family and business has always been passionate about the Hawaiian Islands and the artwork inspired by them. We produce and purchase tropical, Hawaiian Island themed artwork, for use in the printing and production of all our Hawaiian Aloha Shirts, Hawaiian Summer Sun Dresses, and Hawaiian styled, beach fashion footwear.

100% of the Banana Jack line of Hawaiian Clothing is manufactured right here in Honolulu, Hawaii. We purchase and produce Hawaiian Style Prints for Men’s and Women’s Hawaiian Shirts, Kid’s and Boy’s Hawaiian Aloha Shirts, ladies and girls Hawaiian Dresses and our line of Hawaiian styled sandals and flip-flops for our Hawaiian Clothing Retail sales, and for wholesale sales to our customers in the Hawaiian Shirt, Dress and tropical footwear industry.

At Banana Jack we have the monthly capacity to produce upwards of 4000 Hawaiian Shirts and dresses for men, women and children at our production facilities – in Honolulu. We do not outsource our Hawaiian Clothing production to off-shore factories. When we say its “Made in Hawaii” we mean it! Every last stitch on all our Hawaiian shirts and dresses is hand sewn by local Hawaiian tailors here on Oahu. Over the years many US apparel companies have moved their production over seas – to China, Vietnam, Mexico, India and a host of other countries. We at Banana Jack have remained very stubborn about keeping our garments truly authentic Hawaiian Shirts and Dresses made in the 50th State – Hawaii, USA…

Our goal at Banana Jack, Hawaii is simple:
1. Treat all our customers with “Aloha” taking the best possible care of each and every one of them - offering world class customer service and fair prices.
2. Supply the tropical art of Hawaii in fine wearing, authentic Hawaiian Shirts and Dresses Made in Hawaii, USA and supply comfortable and original "Hawaiian Styled" beach fashion footwear to retail and wholesale customers alike.

If we can continue to do this and spread the “Aloha Spirit” while still getting in at least a little bit of surfing time, then we’ve reached our goal.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our web site and our collection of Hawaiian Shirts, Dressses and Sandals.
If you have any questions or comments (good or bad) please feel free to contact us at 
Or Toll Free: 1-808-497-3940

Aloha from Hawaii and all of us at Banana Jack!