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Email us using the below form if you are interested in setting up a wholesale account, for your store, or purchasing Banana Jack Hawaiian shirts, dresses or sandals in bulk for Tradeshows, Weddings, Group Events, Uniforms, etc... 

Other services we offer include: Hawaiian Shirt Embroidery, Custom Hawaiian Shirt Printing & Manufacturing, Hawaiian Style Footwear distribution & Private Lable Branding, Hawaiian Print Fabric wholesale 
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More about wholesale and discounts.

The majority of our Hawaiian Shirts, Hawaiian Dresses and Hawaiian Sandals collection, on our website, are available at wholesale pricing to retail stores. We also offer discounted prices to those interested in purchasing any or our Hawaiian Clothing and footwear items in bulk or large quantities for groups and events such as Hawaiian, tropical beach weddings, tradeshow events, company uniforms, family reunions, sports teams, Universities, school bands, non-profit organizations etc… Over the years we have supplied a great deal of our Hawaiian Aloha Shirt and Dress prints plus our “Hawaiian Styled” flip-flops and footwear products to a large range of the above listed groups and others looking for Authentic, original US Made Hawaiian clothes and shoes. 

Here is a short list of some of the more notable companies and organizations that we have produced the Banana Jack line of Hawaiian products for:


  • AIRLINES AND CRUISE SHIPS: Aloha Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Iberia Airlines, Copa Airlines, Lauda Air, Quantas, Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines.
  • FOOTWEAR AND APPAREL COMPANIES: Reebok, Nike, Billabong, Sketchers, Honolua Surf, Sbicca of California, Yellow Box, Rocket Dog, Zappos.
  • UNIVERSITIES: Yale University, The University of Texas, Washington and Lee University, Oswego State University, Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, University of Hawaii.
  • OTHER COMPANIES: Sodexo, Citi Group, Microsoft, Virgin Records, Northrop Grumman, Pinnacle Financial, American Express.
  • HOTELS – RESTAURANTS AND CASINOS: Hilton Hotels, Outrigger Hotels, W Hotels, Melia Hotels, McDonalds, Outback Steakhouse, PF Changs, Olive Garden, Fridays, MGM Grand, Wynn.
  • GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: The United States Postal Service, US Army.
  • MUSEUMS: Smithsonian, The American Textile Museum.


Aside from the production of traditional Hawaiian Shirts, and “Hawaiian Styled” footwear we also offer our wholesale customers embroidery and custom design, printing and manufacturing services.
We are experts in the design of Hawaiian Aloha Shirts, Dresses and beach fashion footwear. What this means is we make exclusive ready-to-wear Hawaiian style products for our customers looking for their own design. We can design artwork for you or use your existing artwork in printing and manufacturing goods to your specifications.
Our specialty is in Hawaiian Aloha Camp cut Shirts, Hawaiian Summer Sun Dresses, Hawaiian Print Fabric in rayon, cotton, silk and blended fibers, and “Tropical Hawaiian Styled” beach fashion footwear (open-toe sandals and flip-flops).

Contact us at:   info@bananajack.com

Aloha from Banana Jack, Hawaii LLC